12th Century UFOs

UFOs – Unfinished Objects.  Every crafter has then.  I’m not sure every costumer has them (I’m sure some costumers are much more diligent finishing projects than I am), but I do:

12th Century UFOs

The light brown/autumn gold linen in the back left is the pieces to make a new underdress for the bliaut I made from a cream-coloured sari with a copper-coloured border.

The green wool and deconstructed fox fur coat is going to be a pelice.

The navy blue linen and red & blue trim is the start of a dress inspired by the blue tunicella from the coronation garb of Roger II.

The green linen with the black border is man’s tunic also inspired by Roger’s blue tunicella.  The embroidery is a joint project between my husband & I.

The burgundy wool and grey linen twill is all the pieces for a bliaut.

(Not pictured are the man’s bliaut mentioned in my last post and an underdress intended to go under the burgundy wool bliaut.)

I’m going to tackle these UFOs in the coming months.  Hopefully have made this public in my blog will help keep me on track.  There is an SCA event in our province in two weeks called Tournoi du Coeur de Glace.  It’s my intention to wear the burgundy wool bliaut to Tournoi.


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